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About Us



Acting as a bridge between Rwanda and Japan


1. Deepening the understanding of Africa as it really is from a viewpoint closer to them

First of all, we ourselves must know Africa to build good relationships. It is necessary to understand Africa as it really is, discarding the biased image created by the media. We deepen the understanding of Africa without a prejudice through workshops on Rwanda and coffee.


2. Providing opportunities for more Japanese people to become interested in Africa and to understand Africa as it really is

We would like to make Japanese consumers feel closer to Rwanda, which is unfamiliar to them, and get them interested in Africa by delivering high quality coffee appreciated around the world. We hold some events that will help more people become interested in Africa.


  • September, 2010

Students of the Africa Seminar met Ms. A. Immy by the introduction from Professor Funada. She is the owner of Karisimbi Coffee, which is a coffee bean production company in Rwanda. They were fascinated by her strong, warm personality and the delicious coffee, and came up with the idea of selling her company's coffee beans in Japan.


  • October, 2010

The students established Femme Café under the leadership of two representatives, Ms. Yamawaki and Ms. Sakiyama.


  • January, 2014

The fourth generation of Femme Café is launched.

The condition that the members need to be students of the Africa Seminar was removed, and the group opened its doors to a wide range of students. As a result, the number of members increased to 25 (about twice as many as before), and the group aims to become more influential, not remaining just one of the group at the university.


  • August 2016

Three members of the group visited Rwanda. They met Mr. David, the president of Huye Mountain Coffee. We started to handle their coffee beans because they learned from the visit that the company produced coffee beans highly regarded worldwide and that it made a major contribution to the society by supporting farmers in the region.


  • April, 2019

We began handling coffee beans from KOPAKAMA, a production cooperative in which women are actively involved, through Alter Trade Japan, Inc.


Aiming to act as a bridge between Rwanda and Japan, we do various activities such as selling the coffee beans, holding workshops on Africa and coffee, and joining some events in the university like African Weeks and the university festival. We also take part in events held in the area around the university such as Sakai Marche and Mitaka International Exchange Festival.


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