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World Fair Trade Day

Muraho!(which means "Hello!" in Kinyarwanda)

Hi everyone! Every May is "Fair Trade month",

and the second Saturday of May, namely today, is "World Fair Trade Day"!

Since it is World Fear Trade day, you shouldn't waste your time by spending the whole day doing nothing!

You can google about fair trade, buy fair trade products, participate in Today's joint welcome party of African circles, or decide to join Femme café …

The producing area of Women's Coffee, Lake Kivu (provided by ATJ)

It is said that if 3.5% of the whole population takes action, the world will change.

Even an individual's actions and trivial things are meaningful.

Let's think about fair trade and the world together on this occasion.

We sell drip bag coffee at the online shop, which you can found on the upper right side.

If you want to know further about our coffee beans, please refer to the previous blog articles and our website!!

Then, Murakoze!(which means "Thank you!" in Kinyarwanda)

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