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About Our Activities in 2020

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

In 2020, we did various activities such as the followings. 

☕Sale of drip bags online


We started to sell the coffee drip bags from the last year because we would like you to enjoy the Rwandan coffee in an easier way. Have you tried some yet ?

We are sure you will enjoy not only the coffee itself but also the design of the package. You can buy ones at the "online shop" above in this web page.

Hope you will have a good time with the Rwandan coffee while relaxing at home.

Femme Café drip bag

☕Gaigo Sai project (the school festival)

We interviewed one of the members of KOPAKAMA, an association of coffee bean farmers in Rwanda, in the theme of the relationships among KOPAKAMA, consumers, and coffee as the project of the school festival.

The interview is memorable because we talked with a producer of coffee beans for the first time !

☕Online event with KISEKI

Online events are held once in a month. Local people working for the Japanese restaurant "KISEKI" talk about dance, some songs, and the languages there. We lovers of Rwanda really enjoy the conversation with them !


Workshops are held on a regular basis. We share some knowledge about coffee and discuss issues regarding coffee.

In the last August, we talked about what we can do in order that coffee bean farmers get stable income in response to the collapse of the rate of coffee, Coffee Crisis.

Some possible solutions to this are Fairtrade and increase in value of coffee beans. Fairtrade is a transaction in which buyers purchase coffee beans at higher price than in an ordinary way to enable farmers in developing countries to get out of poor lives. Increase in value of coffee beans specifically means that we focus on the kinds of coffee beans and the ways they are grown in.

However, these solutions are difficult to carry out because of some problems about geography, climate, and circulations.

We understand from workshops that coffee is not just a beverage but is what we want to dive in; various coffee beans are grown in various ways and are brewed differently. 🤔 We would like to try beans in countries around the world processed in different ways. ☕

In workshops in Femme Café, we discuss a theme and share knowledge like the above. If you are not familiar with it at first, you will be able to understand it through this activity with the members, which is very enjoyable. 😆

"A lion" drawn on whiteboard on zoom during the break time in the workshop

Even though we have a restriction in activities due to the COVID-19, we are actively working such as holding online meetings on zoom once in a week, organizing workshops, participating events with other groups, and posting blogs in SNS !


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